• Client: Teletalk
  • Available on: Play Store

TELEFLIX is streaming-based service which is designed to cater to different genre of Bangla contents (song, movie, drama, short film) to end-user. Now the people of Bangladesh will find the solid taste of Bengali entertainment in their smartphones. From classic to modern, from jazz to normal all desi entertainment will be at the fingertip.

It is a subscription-based streaming service that offers HD quality Bangla video content. Video content includes movie, drama, short film, HD movie trailer, video song, fashion shows, health shows, teaser etc.

User Interface:

  • User subscribes to the service via. USSD, SMS & APP/WAP/WEB
  • Once subscribed, the subscriber browsing the app will get direct access to the content


Teleflix will support below contents:

  1. Music Video
  2. Movies
  3. Drama
  4. Documentary
  5. Telefilm

Service URL & shortcode:


Shortcode: 29494


Choosing a proper option from APP/WAP/WEB

SMS Activation: START FLIX to 29494

USSD Activation: *9494*1# (future plan)


Choosing a proper option from APP/WAP/WEB

SMS Deactivation: STOP FLIX to 29494

USSD Deactivation: *9494*2# (future plan)



FREE Trial for 30 Days

2.67 tk (with vat SD&SC) /day

13.33 tk (with vat SD&SC) /7 days

39.98 tk (with vat SD&SC) /30 days