Robi Islamic Portal

  • Client: Robi
  • Available on: Play Store

Robi Islamic Portal is complete Islamic knowledge and Information-based application for android devices & feature phone users. The application is aimed to ease the access of all sorts of Islamic contents to Islam lovers & followers, a very user-friendly application for devotional content lovers. Surah, Duah, Hadis, namaz shikkha, Qibla compass & prayer-wise-Azan are the main contents of this service

Key Features

  1. Scholar’s lecture Islamic stories
  2. Surah shan-E-Nuzool with translation
  3. Naat Sharif
  4. Hadith-E-Nawabi
  5. Islamic lifestyle
  6. Duah & Durood Sharif
  7. Qulls
  8. Islamic sawal-jawab
  9. Khutba
  10. Namaz Shikkha
  11. Special segments (during Ramadan, Eid etc.)


Video :

  1. Islamic Talk shows
  2. Islamic Documentaries
  3. Quran Tilawat Shows
  4. Islamic Video songs


Technical Features:

  1. Qibla Compass
  2. Namaz timing
  3. Prayer-wise Azan


30 days 33.31 TK

7 days   9.33 TK

1 day    2.67 TK