Robi Dhamaka Express

  • Client: Robi
  • Short Code: 24646

From Music to Movies, From Gossips to Trivia; a one-stop-shop of entertainment for every customer. Just call 24646 to listen to Robi Dhamaka Express, a complete music package!


  1. Listen to full tracks
  2. Dedicate songs to loved ones
  3. Download ringtones & Full track songs
  4. Know about favorite celebrities through Gossips & Interviews
  5. Audio Movies

Exciting Features

  1. Listen to Your Favorite Songs Instantly: Create your own playlist. Just Press 4 while listening to a song under Music Category; the song will be saved in your playlist right away.
  2. Get the Ringtones & Full tracks of the Latest Music: While listening to a song under Music Category, just press 7 then follow the instructions.
  3. Dedicate a song: Dedicate full songs to your loved ones with your personal message and express yourself. Just dial 24646 and while listening to songs under Music Category, just Press 5 and follow the instructions


  • Any Robi user can subscribe to Robi Dhamaka Express by dialing the IVR short-code 24646 or can send start30/ start15 / start7 / start1 to 24646.
  • Subscribers can deactivate the service by sending SMS STOP to 24646


30 days 33.31 TK

15 days 16.66 TK

7 days   8.33 TK

1 day    1.11 TK