Robi Audio Book

  • Client: Robi
  • Short Code: 27050

Audio Book 27050 is aimed to offer amazing live book listening experience to its end user. The service ties up its users by offering interesting listening experience over IVR. It’s a generous tip for all book lovers & especially for those who can’t see & read due to physical limitations.

In case of subscription, user needs to dial the designated short code 27050 from Robi number or send a text (Start AB30 to 27050)

Key Features

With a book collection growing every day, ROBI Audiobook IVR has set on becoming the one-stop mobile library covering all classic and popular titles in Bangla literature: Bangla Books of all types –fiction and non-fiction; from all categories –novel, drama, poetry, story, thriller, mystery, adventure, and so on

Grace Period: – If a customer cannot be charged successfully, s/he will be put into a grace period of 15 days. After putting into grace period, the system will try to charge the subscriber for subscription fee as previously subscribed pack. If cannot be charged for the next consecutive 15 days, s/he will be unsubscribed from the service.

Activation/ Deactivation User can activate service through IVR – 27050 or send SMS like below

  1. SMS- START AB30 to 27050 (30 days)
  2. SMS- START AB15 to 27050 (15 days)
  3. SMS- START AB7 to 27050 (7days)
  4. SMS- START AB1 to 27050 (1day)

 User can deactivate service through IVR – pressing proper Key or send SMS like below

  1. SMS- STOP AB30 to 27050
  2. SMS- STOP AB15 to 27050
  3. SMS- STOP AB7 to 27050
  4. SMS- STOP AB1 to 27050


30 days 37.31 TK

15 days 18.66 TK

7 days   9.33 TK

1 day    1.33 TK