GrameenPhone Music Paradise

  • Client: Grameenphone
  • Short Code: 24646

Grameenphone Music Paradise 24646 is an IVR based service. It is the country’s one of the biggest classic Bangla music hub of all kind along with some other interesting features like audio cinema, gossip, celebrity interview etc.


  1. Listen to full tracks
  2. Dedicate songs to friends and loved ones.
  3. Download ringtones & Full tracks
  4. Know about favorite celebrities through Gossips & Interviews
  5. Audio Movies


30 days 26.65 Tk (100 Bundle min)

15 days 13.33 Tk (50 Bundle min)

7  days  6.66 Tk (25 Bundle min)

1  day   0.87 Tk (5 Bundle min)


Write according to your convenience

START30 (for 30 days pack)

START15 (for 15 days pack)

START7 (for 7 days pack)

START1 (for daily pack)

and send to 24646

To Unsubscribe Type “STOP” & send to 24646