Bhoutik IVR

  • Client: Banglalink
  • Short Code: 16247

Want to hear horror stories that give you goosebumps? Banglalink now brings your favorite horror story at your fingertips! Not only this, upon subscription, you can also enjoy free minutes with different packs just by listening to all the mysterious ghost stories!

Real-life ghost stories: Not all the ghost stories are just another fairy tale! Some are for real, this segment will give you that real ghostly taste!

Conventional ghost stories: Some ghost stories are yet legendary as they can’t be ignored! You may have heard them from your grandpa/grandma, your grandpa/grandma from their grandpa/grandma, but yet they still sound like fresh, thrilling & a total attention grabber. The conventional segment of ghost stories has all those legendary chill!

My ghostly experience: Some believe in ghosts but some don’t!  But those who have experienced it believe it the most! The user of this service does have an opportunity to share with their friends any ghostly experience they have for real.

Dial 16447 and subscribe to indulge yourself to all the mysterious horror stories.


30 days at 39.98 Tk (300 Min)

15 days at 19.99 Tk (150 Min)

7 days at 9.33 Tk (75 Min)

1 day at 1.33 Tk (20 Min)