Airtel Love Portal

  • Client: Airtel
  • Short Code: 463602

Love Portal

Love portal is an IVR based entertainment service. Airtel subscribers can access this portal, just by dialing 463602, and enjoy the following attractive love-related poems, tips, and astrology, as well as heart-warming user-generated content!

Basic Features

  • Record & listen: User can record & listen own love story, poem & songs, just dial 463602 & follow instruction
  • Celebrity love Story: User can listen to famous celebrity love story here
  • Love astrology: User can learn about astrology of love from that service
  • Love song: User can listen to romantic love songs from this segment
  • Love poem: Different kinds of love poems are also there
  • Love tips & quotes: User can have a suggestion for love from here & also different quotes are available here


A user needs to dial 463602 & then follow proper instruction.


2.67 Tk for 2 days