Airtel Bangla Dhol

  • Client: Airtel
  • Short Code: 246465

Airtel Bangla Dhol is a complete bangaliana service that has all the latest Bangladeshi music masala! It offers fresh new released tracks to you, so when you think of Bangla latest songs, think of Bangla Dhol.


  1. Listen to latest full tracks
  2. Download ringtones & Full track songs

Exciting Features:

  1. Listen to newly released tracks Instantly: Just dial 46465 & then press 1 to listen to latest tracks instantly.
  2. Get the Ringtones & Full tracks of the Latest Music: While listening to a song under Music Category, just press 7 then follow the instructions & Download a full song or your favorite ringtone!



30 days 37.31 TK

15 days 18.66 TK

7 days   9.33 TK

1 day    1.33 TK