Airtel Audio Book

  • Client: Airtel
  • Short Code: 27050

Audio Book 27050 is aimed to offer amazing live book listening experience to its end-user. The service ties up its users by offering interesting listening experience over IVR. It’s a generous tip for all book lovers & especially for those who can’t see & read due to physical limitations.

Key Features

With a book collection growing every day, Airtel Audiobook IVR has set on becoming the one-stop mobile library covering all classic and popular titles in Bangla literature: Bangla Books of all types –fiction and non-fiction; from all categories –novel, drama, poetry, story, thriller, mystery, adventure, and so on

Grace Period: – If a customer cannot be charged successfully, s/he will be put into grace period of 15 days. After putting into a grace period, the system will try to charge the subscriber for subscription fee as previously subscribed pack. If cannot be charged for the next consecutive 15 days, s/he will be unsubscribed from the service.