WHO We Are

In 2004, when the telecom industry of Bangladesh was booming and phone operators were competing one another fiercely, E. B. Solutions started its humble journey as a VAS provider. E. B. Solutions had the advantage of being an early adopter in a rapidly growing telecom industry that was becoming of mainstream interest.

A look through our portfolio would show how diversely we used our assets and utilized the market demands and needs. As a result, within a very short period of time, we have become the leading IVR and content provider. We also have built a customer base of around 30 million monthly users. Today we attract 6-8 million users every day on an average.

EBS is also incorporated in Singapore as E. B. Solutions Pte. Ltd.


We deal in Telecom VAS services. At first, what really made EBS stand out among the contemporary VAS providers was the way we became a major content provider for three of the biggest mobile operators of Bangladesh. Like then, we still do the same thing- we try to put our best efforts today and hope we have the right time and idea to deal with tomorrow.

This is why, starting with Desktop and Web Based Application Development in our early years, and then, switching our focus to the Telecom VAS Industry, we have come a long way to reach where we are now- diversifying our business by focussing on Smartphone Apps, and other Digital Marketplaces that we can access with the skills and resources we have at our disposal - the story has become big enough that space here easily falls short!

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Office: H#32 (F#7), R#2, Dhanmondi
Email: info@ebsbd.com
Phone: (+88) 02 9661770
Hours: 10 AM - 6 PM (SAT-THU)